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This is where the journey began..

Posted: December 15, 2010 in HDX.Karate!


The fine Island of Okinawa has been known as the birth place of karate. Cross culture between the chinese kenpo with the local Okinawan japanese was the genesis of the Karate as we know it today.As the time went by, a number of Karate style or “ryu” has emerge with unique specialty..

…  so I’ve started karate less than couple month a go, with a good friend o’mine and it was AWESOME!. Kanazawa-ryu Shotokan Karate is one of the most well-known karate style that emphasizing on FLEXIBILTY and POWER. The ability to defeat ur foes with a single blow or simply, ” One shot, One kill”.

To cut the story short, with just a month of intensive trainin, I has gain two grade during the last grading just recently.

Oh, about grading, Shotokan grading was quite similar to Tae-Kwon Do or any other martial that used belt system. “kyu” means “boy”, its the coloured belts for learning basics of karate, while “dan” means “man”, which are black belts degree for advanced karate-ka (this is  what we called for karate practitioner) Insya’Allah from this moment i’ll be updating stories and wisdom along my journey of becoming a karate fighter! *snickering inside xD*

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